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English Notes about MiratecArts Projects


Pico Island sets the scene for Cordas
The most awarded Azorean festival, Cordas Festival, an international showcase of world music focusing on the art of chordophones, is set against the idyllic landscape of Pico Island.
Gruta das Torres, the largest lava tube in Portugal, Lagoa do Capitão, one of the most coveted places for the perfect combination of water and mountain scenery, and the Shrine of the Dragon Trees at the Wine Museum were three of the stages on the island mountain that welcomed several concerts at the fourth edition of Cordas.
Artists from various countries, including Victor Castro on classical guitar, Afonso Villasanti playing Brazilian country guitar, dutch Pieter Adriaans with a resonator guitar, and Californian guitarist Sonny Santos presented their work outdoors, and several other artists improvised at the Lagoon.
Unique moments like this happen each year at Cordas World Music Festival on Pico Island, and the world is noticing.

Galeria Costa sets 5 stages for Cordas Festival
MiratecArts Galeria Costa, located in the parish of Candelária on Pico Island, welcomed local and international artists from nine countries to close the fourth edition of Cordas Festival.
Among vineyards, shrubs and forest, five stages were assembled to give life to music, among the more than 40 diverse art installations in the outdoor property. From traditional music to improvisational mini-concerts by multi-faceted participating artists, audiences applauded unique and unexplainable moments, as they really had to be experienced personally.
Guitars in the Succulents Corner Garden, “Chamarritas” (traditional local folk dancing) led by members of Casa da Música da Candelária, a chorinho by the cistern, and African sounds in the vineyards were just some of the highlights. Sara Miguel’s ukulele moment at the LUX Stage and the Trio Canarinho on the Cabaça Stage in the Musical Forest added to the spectacle.
MiratecArts was pleased to lead this art movement in nature, commemorated with a final toast at the Festa da Néveda. The party featured the famous Pico liquor for guests to enjoy, and the presentation of a new character MiratecArts intends to publish in a book at AnimaPIX, the animation festival returning to Pico in December.

World artists welcomed at Madalena Auditorium
From September 11 to 15, Madalena Auditorium hosted artists from various countries during Portugal’s largest festival dedicated to chordophones, Cordas World Music Festival.
Canadian tenor, guitarist and pianist Remigio Pereira opened the festival to an enthusiastic audience, with Galician guitarist Marcos Fernandez and Portuguese singer Sara Miguel setting the mood beforehand. From Guinea, Master Galissá with the korá and guitarist/singer Michel William from Mozambique also impressed the packed auditorium. Showcasing the Viola da Terra, the viola of the Azores, Ricardo Melo from São Miguel island took the stage accompanied by Ana Medeiros on guitar. Closing the program on the largest stage in the Azores Triangle, Andrew Cronshaw from the UK presented two zither instruments.
This was the first time Madalena Auditorium hosted four consecutive days of music. Audiences were also treated to a special presentation of the film "Where Are You, João Gilberto?” by Swiss filmmaker Georges Gachot.

Cordas Festival at Cella Bar
At the fourth edition of Cordas World Music Festival, the most awarded bar on the island of Pico, Cella Bar, hosted a special program of Midnight Sessions.
Artists participating in the festival had the opportunity to improvise and perform with other artists they had never met before at the popular event. The experience was a positive one, according to the artists, as they were able to unwind and socialize with other musicians and locals at the sold-out Cella Bar into the early hours of the weekend.
Cordas Festival Midnight Sessions at Cella Bar, where anyone is welcome to pop by out of curiosity or meet with friends for a midnight drink, is part of the tradition of midnight shows that MiratecArts has been producing in recent years, including Erotic Poetry and Other Midnight Words.

Knitting Project
MiratecArts kicked off the 2019 fall-winter season with another edition of Knitting Project. Everyone is welcome to participate with their knitting needles and own style to learn, teach, collaborate or use the open space. It’s a unique opportunity to experience the art of knitting and go out on Monday nights, instead of being home alone, and knit in a group.
The previous season ended with a special event that saw Knitted by Macho Men giving a slightly different workshop, where participants knitted with their hands and fingers. With the sponsorship of Rosarios4, participants created their own fashionable scarf to enjoy this winter.
The Knitting Project takes place Mondays at the MiratecArts space in the Madalena Volunteer Firefighters Building.

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PHOTO: Cordas at Cella Bar photo by Sérgio Gonçalves



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