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25 countries participated #mountainsmatter


25 countries competed for the exhibition at the Montanha Pico Festival

On World Mountain Day, December 11, MiratecArts presented its programming for the coming months, including the photography exhibition for the Montanha Pico Festival. The official selection of 20 finalists at the Montanha International Photography Contest presents the work of photographers from Argentina, Austria, Bangladesh, the United States of America, the Philippines, the Netherlands, Iran, Russia and Portugal.

The fifth edition of the Montanha Photography Contest theme was #mountainsmatter to accompany the international theme of the United Nations and World Mountain Day, and received more than 350 photographs from 124 photographers from 25 countries.
"It is gratifying to receive submissions from all four corners of the planet," says Terry Costa, the artistic director of MiratecArts, whom this year, in addition to the finalists who are now part of the exhibition, also presented a list of photographers with Honorable Mention "due to the artistic work, craftmanship or the fact that they achieved images somewhat different from the usual. "

A group of selected photographers will review the finalist photos and the announcement of the winners, one for photography in Portugal and one for mountain photography around the world, will be announced in 2019. The exhibition is open until May at Foto_Galeria, opened for visit 24 hours in the Fire Hall of Madalena, Pico Island.

The Montanha Pico Festival features more than 20 events during the month of January. www.picofestival.com 
Montanha Pico Festival is a program of MiratecArts dedicated to art and artists that work on the themes of mountain culture around the world. From the mountain island of Pico, Azores, the program incentivates dialogue about issues that reflect the life and culture and needs of mountain regions. 

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Concurso Internacional de Fotografia Montanha 
Montanha International Photography Constest 2019

Imagens Nacionais - Portugal
Alfredo Lemos - Crepúsculo em Infravermelho
Ana Goulart - Emoldurar
Davide Sousa - Follow The Light
Diogo Graça - Amanhecendo, Pico Ruivo
João Coutinho - A Mimosa e o seu Capitão
José Sousa - Pôr do Sol com o Rei no Horizonte
Paula Brasil - The Last Ray
Pedro Silva - Reserva do Caveiro
Renato Goulart - A Minha Janela na Montanha do Pico
Rui Silveira - Pico Parapente

Images Around The World
Alexander Budasch - Touring Against Light, Alps
Babak Mehrafshar - Village Man, Tangi Sar
Engelbert Fellinger - Glaciers Landmannalaugar
Keyvan Jafari - Miniature Mountains
Masha Vaverova - no title, Colorful Mountains, China
Md. Zobayer Hossain Joati - The Sky Bridge, Langkawi
Michael Moran - Gaucho, Patagonia
Reza Mostafavi - A Deep Breath, Alborz
Richard Legaspi - I pastori di Biella, Italy
Shakhavan Osmani - Kurdish Wedding, Tomb Between Mountains

Artistic Director Honourable Mention 2019
Ana Paula Di Berardo
Franklin Bontha
Gabriel Bruskoff
Gregory Herpe
James Lorentson
Julio Castro Pardo
Lokman Demir
Matheus Hobold Sovernigo
Partha Pratim Saha
Patrícia Soransso
Salar Arkan
Stanislav Strilets
Sujan Sarkar
Vittorio Ricci 




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