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Call for Photos: Seduction at Sea


PHOTOGRAPHY Seduction at Sea - Sedução nos Mares FOTOGRAFIA

Azores Fringe Festival is hosting a photography exhibition in Madalena, Pico island, Azores, under the theme of "Seduction at Sea", and you can participate.

Each photographer may submit up to 3 pictures, 3508 x 4961 (pixels) size maximum - use wetransfer when possible. 
-  title of photo,
- place where photo was taken, 
- name of photographer, and 
- country of residence (where artist is based, or country of birth, as you wish to acknowledge to the world).  
Photos may be from anywhere in the world. Photographers may interpret the theme as they wish, it is after all an arts festival.
Send all to azoresfringe@gmail.com before january 1st.

The finalists will be listed in the international arts festival printed program.

The photos will be printed by the organization for the exhibition.

Exhibition will open in june 2017 in Pico island with a public presentation by award-winning photographer Nuno Sá. 

This exhibition is for pure showcase and educational purposes, and not for sale. The organization wishes to show the world of wonders that our seas can give us.
The photos will be for exhibit only and then stay in the archives of the volunteer organization Miratecarts, that leads this festival.

Azores Fringe Festival is the largest international arts festival in the Azores region. More then 850 artists from 38 countries participated in the past 4 editions. Now, we are on our way to plan the 5th season with presentations in all 9 islands of Azores during the month of june 2017. 

All arts proposals are welcome until january 1st. www.azoresfringe.com

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IDEIA EM AÇÃO: exposição de fotografia colectiva no tema "sedução nos mares"; cada fotografo pode mandar até 3 fotos que enquadre o tema com título da foto, onde foi captada, o nome do artista, e país/ilha (se nos Açores) de residência, até 1 de janeiro azoresfringe@gmail.com Fotos podem ser de qualquer parte do mundo. A exposição vai acontecer durante o Fringe em junho 2017 na Madalena, Pico, Açores. Simples! 



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